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Computer AMC Delhi
Computer AMC Delhi
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Business Computer AMC
Windows PC
Get a thorough analysis of your computer - optimize speed, performance and fix any problems
Computer AMC Delhi Apple / Mac
Set up and configure your Apple/Mac PC & Device.
(Per Computer)
Above 10 pc call for special price
Computer AMC Delhi RS.3500
(Inclusive Tax)
Dail 9911143370 Computer AMC Delhi
proactive service for small business IT infrastructure delhi NCR
Hardware repair and service Included
All inclusive Unlimited visits, Online Support Included
High availability engineer on demand services Included
Support for small business servers, workstations Included
Business application support, ERP, MS Office, Tally and more Included
Help in mail server Configuration & Troubleshooting Included
Management of Network, File sharing, network printers Included
Support for LAN, Wifi, FTP, VPN, Firewall, Router Included
Help you install printer, scanner and shared devices Exclude
One time Services
For Windows PC
Apple / Mac PC
Annual Subscription
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Business Computer AMC
Services & Support
Networking & Server Support
Hardware Repair Service
Remote Services
On Demand Remote Support
Customer support
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